Wyeth Augustine-Marceil

Goo Gauge


Everyone has their own descriptors for describing those viscous substances that live in the grey area between liquid and solid.

Goo, gloop, goop, and glop to name a few.


And there exists a general consensus around which descriptors are more viscous than other

Slime, for example, is generally considered more viscous, than say, sludge.


And while there exist measured scales to order viscosity, there has never been an effort to organize viscosity descriptors


The Relative Scale of Viscosity is an effort to order viscous substances once and for all

The Goo Gauge is designed to put that scale in your pocket


The goo gauge is a simple laser cut piece of Acrylic that can accompany you wherever you go


Simply drop a dollop of a given substance in the starting circle, turn to 90 degrees and let slide for 5 seconds to learn the correct descriptor of your substance.

Looks like Cholula Hot Sauce is ‘Slop’!